A-Mac & The Height represents a unique musical experience of unity and adventurous fusion of genres. With hook-driven songwriting and a cohesive blend of reggae, hip-hop, funk and alternative rock, the group thrives on overcoming musical boundaries. Their immersive message and feel good energy has proven to bring together beautiful people from coast to coast.

The Denver, CO based band has a charismatic approach fueled by conscious thinking, with lyrics that are uplifting, relatable, and insightful. Bringing an energetic and moving live performance, A-Mac & The Height encourages their audience to partake in a genuine and united musical journey with them. Similarly, the group is known for creating intricate and extended musical passages through improvisation and faith in the unknown.

In addition to fearlessly touring the majority of the United States within their first year of forming, the band has also put out two full length albums. Young, bold and determined, the group is fascinated with pushing the envelope of artistic expression, paying homage to many of the greats including Sublime, Bob Marley, Dr. Dre and Grateful Dead.

After years of experiment and development, Alex Mackenzie-Low (a.k.a. A-Mac - Vocals &  Guitar) has united his latest musical brotherhood, known as The Height. The band features six of Denver's premiere musicians including Matt McElwain (Drums), Stephen Eski Edwards (Bass), Karl Rivers (Keyboards), Joey Bean (Saxophone & Vocals), Ted Kleist (Guitar & Vocals), and Jake Heym (Percussion). A-Mac & The Height continues to break the mold and expand impact over a wide range of music lovers.


Alex Mackenzie-Low

Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

The founder, front man & fearless leader of A-Mac & The Height. Fond of positive, peaceful thinking and long walks in the Rocky Mountains. Alex is also the creator of Spread The Word Music Festival and is a free-lance concert promoter & audio engineer.


John Sayers

Lead Guitar & Vocals


Joesph Bean

Vocals & Saxophone

Jospeh David Bean, uses both saxophone and vocals to ascend threw all life’s callings and experiences. Together the trinity unites as one exploitation of self.


Stephen Edwards

Bass Guitar & Vocals

Stephen “Eski” Edwards was born on the top of Mount Everest with a bass guitar is his hands... since then, not much has changed.


Karl Rivers

Keyboards & Vocals

The most chron of the chron, the one and only King Magnus.

The epicenter of tightness.