Part of It All (2017)

Sun Comes Up

Ends I'll Never Know

Indica From Heaven

It Would Be Easy

Streets of Colorado

Back on my Own

Here's to the Love

The Gift of Music (2016)

The Gift of Music

Wake on a Plane

Balance & Purpose


Worry They May

Deep Inside Your Soul

A Second Chance


"Sun Comes Up"
Lyrics by Alex Mackenzie-Low
Sun comes up, I'm a keep goin', growin', goin', groin'
Verse 1:
Hoppin on a train, my roots mundane
Sacrificin' a knowin', a showin' I'll be okay
No one to blame, na na, til brighter days
Forget the price that I paid, the struggle wasn’t in vein
Through all them cold nights, bitter fights, where was my mind then?
Livin' in a prison of mental walls and lonely hymns
Til I find my friends, my motivation
Music, yes my inspiration, contemplate my soul's decisions
Learn to love and live with them
I got love, and all is well
I find peace in knowing myself
Knowing mistakes make me grow, the more I know the less I know
Let the mic take control as I hear the beat flow
Verse 2:
With the lights down low, and the beat runnin' slow
So many things cloud my brain, the sound of stress insane
Daily tryin' to stay alive, sober joe or just get high
Where will I find my alibi when the dead end hits, and I'm without a ride?
But for a every bad moment there's a better one to come
And it's not black and white, more like fact and fiction
What you make you create, though the lights seems to fade
The ship hit harbor safe, found us dancing in the rain
And we found the key to nothing, but it sure makes us laugh
Cuz' we found time to lose time and that time is well spent
The long road ahead, yes we took hand in hand
We took hand in hand, yes we took hand in hand
Though we barely could stand

"To Ends I’ll Never Know"
Lyrics by Alex Mackenzie-Low
Verse 1:
Well this is a part of it all, the thrill of life
When it’s all going down, fear not the sky is the limit now
Nothing goes as planned, soon as you understand there’s no control
Freedom will find you then you will know
Welcome to the life we share, welcome to the dreams we dare
To dream out loud, No limits we in it together seeking higher ground
What you waiting for, let me go explore
Oh I, oh I, ready for whatever comes my way today
Yes I, yes I, ready to grow to ends I’ll never know
Verse 2:
This is a part of it all, the thrill of life when you completely let go
Trust in the air you breath let it flow
Nothing can bring you down in a crazy world you stand on solid ground
Content and blessed my friend you are found
Welcome to the life we share, welcome to the dreams we dare
To dream out loud, No limits we in it together seeking higher ground
What you waiting for, let me go explore

"Indica From Heaven"
Lyrics by Alex Mackenzie-Low
Verse 1:
Please pass the ganja man I wanna blaze it up once again
With the sensi sensi light up and get down
People all over the world smoking herb now now
Indica from heaven, sativa blessin’
Two joints in the morning, two at night
Everybody elevated, we be feelin’ like oh oh
Acapulco red, acapulco gold, blue dream, sour d, maui wowie I’m sold
Everybody want that sensimillia and they want it dank as can be
Indica from heaven, sativa blessin’
Two joints in the morning, two at night
Everybody elevated, we be feelin’ like oh oh
Blaze it up, burn it down, Open ears to the sound
Acclimate to higher ground, na we never gonna come down ya we got that
Indica from heaven, call that sativa blessin’, ya indica from heaven
All this green bud make a brotha feel so good
Endo make me feel so good
Verse 3:
Everybody want that Mary Jane
I got two pounds sticky icky ready for the flame
Who got the lighter what? Who wanna blaze it up?
All my reall smokers let’s show em what’s up, hold it down
Indica from heaven, sativa blessin’
Two joints in the morning, two at night
Everybody elevated, we be feelin’ like oh oh
La mota me gusta no stress on the brain, no reason for pain
Got love for the world like rasta man sing
One heart jah bless marijuana each day
Indica from heaven, sativa blessin’
Two joints in the morning, two at night
Everybody elevated, we be feelin’ like oh oh

"It Would Be Easy"
Lyrics by Alex Mackenzie-Low
It would be easy if I didn’t love you so, throw away the key
Lock the door, do not love you no more
It would be easy if I didn’t give you my soul
Time for me to let you go, do not love you no more
Verse 1:
Come grab your things, they’ll be up in flames
All our old memories are burning
All our friends know you crushed my soul
Should have known better but I’m still learning
Without the rain never come a rainbow
Without the hard times, my love just wouldn’t grow
So I’m singing this song to let you know
Verse 2:
All your negativity trying to bring me down
Goes in one ear and out the other
Both made mistakes and we’re moving on
Don’t give a damn about your new-found lover
Verse 3:
Go get yours, I’m a get mine too
Some lessons to learn, yeah we’ve learned a few
Some day we’ll look back and realize our love was stuck in tunnel view

'Streets of Colorado'
Lyrics by Alex Mackenzie-Low
Verse 1: Streets of Colorado, its a beautiful thing to be back home where my people sing
And I feel good, just doing my thing, ya know I missed you, you’re a part of me
My dear friend in a faraway land still love you, hope you understand
Do you feel me? Want to hear my voice? I’d be with you now if I had the choice
Verse 2:
Streets of Denver, do you got my back?
I need you to embrace the fact that I’m waking up & I’m a brand new man
With a broken heart that can love again
So test me, show me who I am cuz I’m ready for the road ahead
Be with me, hear my voice, I’d be with you now if I had the choice
Colorado in my heart, deep in my soul
The world is wide but I’m always call you home
Times change & a new path calls my name
Colorado love man that’s always gonna be the same, never fade
No game, no lie, rep the streets of Colorado until I die
Verse 3:
Streets of Broadway, did you notice my leave?
Been traveling looking for peace
Always get close, always miss the boat
Wind up stranded on an open road
Where to go now? Revive my faith, keep moving
Better watch my pace, be with me, hear my voice
I’d be with you now if I had the choice

"Back On My Own"
Lyrics By Alex Mackenzie-Low
Verse 1:
Oh I remember, the day we swore our remember the day we swore our love would never fade
And I surrender, the times have changed and its a coming of age
I feel so low, ripped out my soul
Fuck it I’ll move on, sun rose today now I’m a traveling on
Somehow I’ll move on, its meant to be and the road is long
If I don’t know how to let go, yes I’ll stumble but I’m born to rise back up
On my own, so strong ya know I’m back on my own
I’m feeling so strong back on my own
Verse 2:
Oh I, know my love for you is stronger than you’ll ever find
Oh you, cutting ties, drop me off in the cold, walk home alone and I’m
Broke down fucked up, robbed of true love
Sometimes you can’t ask why, just gotta wake up, leave the scattered pieces behind
Don’t look back, its okay, my heart is strong and I will find a way
Stand strong walk tall, make sense of it all
Watch me stumble just to rise back up

"Here’s To The Love"
Lyrics by Alex Mackenzie-Low
Verse 1:
Sunday I got a call with a feeling that made me fall
Face down to the ground, what's goin' down?
Can't be for real, god no, not right now
Tears fall listening to the reality of tragedy
Gonna take a long time to ease the pain
Brother, when you pass away its hard to think of them brighter days
Can you hear our cry? the homies ballin' out our eyes
and we can't seem to understand the fuckin' reason why
Gone with the wind, missing you forever my friend
though its killin' me we gotta remember that love, my friend
Though its so damn hard
Gotta remember the good times we shared
No one can take away your memory
So let that good good love vibrate
Burn away the suffering and pain
I will remember the good good times, always
No one can take away your memory so here's to the love
Verse 1:
Can you hear my voice? Brother, if I only had the choice
Wrap my arms around you, share with you my soul
My friend you gotta know I love you so and I miss you so
I see you on the other side, resting in peace in gangster's paradise
We're all here together and you're in our hearts
Times like these we draw near, yes our crew is strong
And we're just trying to keep keepin' on
With a dagger in our soul, where do we belong?
I see you looking down from above
Telling us to stick together, keep spreading that love

The Gift of Music (2016)

“The Gift Of Music”
Verse 1:
With open eyes and an open mind, an open intention to live with peace inside
We’re bound to find the truth in time
Gonna spread these wings above the ground I fly

And I won’t look back, never wonder why, went to the left, went to the right
Had to loose myself to find the light and the music kept the movement alive
So breathe in and breathe out, let it take you to a higher ground
Soothe your soul with feet to dance just give it a chance, find true romance
Let the gift of music breathe you in, take you in

Music is the melody, I find love in the strangest forms
With the peace inside our family, ain’t no harm, negativity is gone, we’re moving on
Moving on from hatred, greed & lies, movin’ back home
Fell in love with the music and the rest just ain’t important no more

Verse 2:
With open eyes and an open mind
Best you be countin’ your blessings na don’t be wastin’ time
Truth inside for all of us to find
Negativity grows where the beast resides, positivity flows where the love divides
And the children cry til they free there mind, none but ourselves can free our minds
Mr. Bob Marley he always said it right my friend
Find your voice through the noise and live free with a choice
Don’t let nobody tell ya it can’t be done, humble yourself you already won
Let the gift of music, bring you in it has begun


“Wake On A Plane”

If I wake on a plane I’m a be okay
Peace sign in the air ya know I’m feelin’ free
Wonder where I’m gonna go today
If I wake on a train west bound to the bay
Tell my people that I swear I’ll be back someday
Tell ‘em I was born to live this way, like a nomad

Verse 1:
I’m a be like my old self, talkin’ about my true self
Must love one’s self n’ if I get out of here alive
I’m a cut ties with my stagnant ways, ya know I’m gonna take my heart’s advise
If I should run, if I should hide, if I’m gonna leave everything behind
It’s a long road when you’re on your own, no one to direct you where to go
Gotta take the risk, gotta follow it &; you’re never gonna be the same again
Have faith in yourself and know you’re on your way home

Verse 2:
Well I said hey yo what you got on me, I’m a free soul we go
Wherever we please and we rock n’ roll to break of dawn got it goin’ on
Na never gonna stop that’s fo sho
Gotta keep it fresh, keep that feeling blessed
If you ever grow old then ya failed the test
It’s a long road and you’re gonna stay young if you keep that feeling strong
Pre-Chorus > Chorus

“Balance & Purpose”
Verse 1:
Well I don’t pay much attention to the haters, I’m a fair guy
I like to see both sides of the table with my two eyes
In this crazy life one thing I’ve learned, you’re gonna get by
You help your brother when he’s down he return the favor it’s all god it’s alright but

Flip on the TV, I can’t believe, the world is fighting, mother nature’s crying
Wake in the morning all I want to see is my people rising, together uniting
When are we gonna go back home?

Livin’ life with a balance & purpose, time will tell what my worth is
Got this love for sale and ya know my heart is well

Verse 2:
Well I’m a hard working man stackin’ up that paper, ya know I’m on the grind
I like to get it while it’s hot don’t wait for favors, but on the inside
When I put that money aside to find the truth in life
All I really need is right in front of my eyes, love conquers all in time

Pre-Chorus > Chorus

Verse 1:
I’m heading out look over me, lord knows I’m sure to fall in a beautiful display
Behold the great wide open comin’ to take you where you’re meant to be
At least that’s what they say and I found the truth is showin’up where you least expect it
There is desire in my darkest hour to ride ride the flow of life, high & low it goes
You never know just where your life will roam, flow and you flow
In this dream that we call life, I find its not that hard to become whoever you want to be
Fear not no strings attached you drop that weight right off your back
You put yourself where your mind can be free
So many they lock their chains, throw away the keys
You can’t live in a penitentiary
Let go ride the flow of life high or low it swings
You never know just where this life will lead

No you can’t follow, not none of their dreams
Lived this whole life just trying to find some peace
So now you find its time, time to open up the mind and live free

Verse 2:
Coming down, down, down, is there anyone to catch my fall?
I pick myself up again, know in these hard times I find grace & love
Staring right back at me so I let go and rewind my life
Let it all go just to watch it all unwind
If I design the world through my eyes, that’s mine to define
Live it up, run with the flow, never gonna let it go

“Worry They May”
Worry they may, I’m a be who I be
Everyday with my best, honest living with love & respect
Then they tellin’ me the craziest things, talkin’ about who I should be
Man I’m a just be myself, tell you what now all is well

Verse 1:
Can’t teach the flow, can’t teach the rhythm or the soul
So let me go on the microphone with no control
Straight from the soul I’m from the 303, we be blazin’ new paths
Born and raised in Colorado, I’m blessed believe that
Respect my roots, all the ones before me and that’s the truth
They taught me knowledge of a better way and day to day I remember you
Take me out into the world, all these different faces from all these different places

But then there come a breed with a common greed and they must control, manipulate
They want to put us in a box and tie it all off well oh I ain’t no slave to authority

Verse 2:
Gotta do my thing, gotta do it well
We’re in the struggle together unless you couldn’t tell
Working day by day just to get by and we party every day just to get by
Might blaze up on the smoke, the man gonna put ya down
Might dress a little funky, the man gonna put ya down
Might grow dread locks, the man gonna put ya down
Tell the man what’s up and he gonna put ya down
But yo its 2016, nobody got the time for that
You know I ain’t holding back no censorship, no need for that
So tell it like it is and I’m a spit it right back
And if you can’t handle the truth then you better face that with

Pre-Chorus > Chorus

“Deep Inside Your Soul”
Verse 1:
Life is a divine calling and when you truly understand your calling
You're going to rise like a bird, fly free in the wind
With a beautiful flow and a passion within
There's an open road where no one goes
If you believe in yourself then who the hell knows
What you could achieve, where you're going to be
Five years looking back still living the dream
Your reality is yours to choose
If you make the right moves, stay tight on the groove
You're going to change the world, make it a better place
I believe in you and today's a new day

Deep inside your soul there's a message
An open world if you just reach out there and grab it
Deep inside your soul, deep inside you know
Deep inside your soul there's a message
I see it in your eyes and I can feel it in your presence
Deep inside your soul, deep inside you know

Verse 2:

So she hop on a plane and move away
Said I can't live here in the U.S.A.
I gotta spread my wings, gotta fly away
But have faith in me I'll be back someday
There's an endless sky and I'm your alibi
You got whatever it takes, whatever you define
With that humble heart and that beautiful mind
You know the world is ours, someday together we'll fly
So rest easy know our love is strong and it only grows
We're gonna change the world, make it a better place
I believe in us and today's a new day

"A Second Chance"
My love, I got this feeling in my heart
Won't go away, won't depart
I love you so, do believe I fucked it up this time
Took for granted love divine
I wanna be everything you're looking for and more
Wanna grow with you and soar
Could you forgive me? Give our love a second chance
Could I have with you this dance?

Verse 1:
Have faith in me, together we'll fly
Come and take my hand, show you a good time
Let me be the man you want by your side
Make you feel alive all the time
Top of the world, together we'll climb
If you want my hand, I'll be by your side
I'm a gentle man that wants you and I
Feeling alive day and night

But oh oh, I'm stuck in limbo, I'm stuck in limbo
Stuck in limbo, do not hear from you, cannot talk to you no

Verse 2:
When I returned home, part of me was gone
Found a chance to grow, overcome my wrongs
Bump in the road but our love is strong
Let me show you the man you deserved all along
Three years ago I gave you my heart
Now comin’ today, I want a fresh start
Can we find the way to fall in love for real
All over again, love genuine
Pre-Chorus > Chorus

I swear I’ll find my way home, right out of this storm
Ya know the devil, he gonna try to bury me but never will I let him prevail

Verse 1:
Fell asleep at 5am in the morning and something telling me I gotta listen up, heed a warning
Burning the candle at both ends, no longer can I pretend
Gonna catch up to me when I am not looking and I know inside I’m better than that
And I wonder why it took me so long to realize my vice, my demise

I got the strength, the faith, man whatever it takes to overcome
Believe me when I come with the fire faith, the strength man
I got what it takes to overcome, I’m coming home

Verse 2:
Black out drunk at 5am in the morning
Something telling me I gotta wake up smell the coffee
Burning the candle at both ends, nevermore shall I pretend
Won’t catch up to me because I am ready to change my life from the inside

And each day I’m growing steady
So long to my vice, its my choice, its my life
Pre-Chorus > Chorus